P&W offers a broad range of corporate legal services to domestic clients and foreign clients who wish to access Indonesian markets. Our lawyers will assist you on various commercial law aspects such as general regulatory requirements for conducting business in Indonesia, preparation of corporate documents and commercial agreements, including articles of incorporation and its amendments, joint venture agreement and standard general licenses.
& Finance
P&W provides legal assistance in banking & finance sector for both domestic and foreign clients in various exercises of financial transactions. We provide general advices on regulatory and compliance issue, from simple secured or unsecured bilateral lending to complex financing structure in any sector of business, such as syndicated loans, club deals, property finance, acquisition finance, and structured finance.
Merger &
P&W provides legal assistance in M&A sector for both domestic and foreign clients relating to an onshore merger or acquisition. We help clients in fine tuning the structure to be in accordance with the regulatory requirements, conducting legal due diligence for the purpose of identifying existing legal issues and/or potential legal issues which may arise out of the transaction, providing clients with legal due diligence report, preparing transaction documents and closing documents.
P&W provides legal assistance to lenders, borrowers, project sponsors and developers, advising on every legal aspects involved in securing and managing a project finance transaction in diverse business sectors, including infrastructure sectors such as transportation, water, power and energy as well as telecommunication. Our expertise in all aspects of project finance allows us to deliver effective and valuable legal advice.
Securities &
Capital Market
P&W provides legal assistance in capital markets sector for both domestic and foreign clients in various type of transactions. We advise on the Indonesian legal aspects of capital markets and securities transactions, such as initial public offerings, dual-listings, private placements, rights issues, bonds issuance and tender offer. We are qualified to issue legal due diligence report and legal opinion for the purpose of registration with the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK).